IMPORTANT INFORMATION: To get the most from the workshop, bring a laptop with a working, installed copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). This is recommended but not required.
To download the trial version of Photoshop CC, click here
PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the trial version, do not start your 30 day trial more than 30 days before the class.
Design Principles
for Photographers
with Matt Nystrom

Design Principles for Photographers is a fun interactive crash course that teaches you key design elements and principles to enhance your work as Photographers. Learn how to create stronger compositions, new services for your clients, and put it all into action while having fun.

Bring your Imagination, Camera - with several of your own photographs, and Laptop - with Adobe® Photoshop, as Matt Nystrom packs this course with hands on learning activities such as creating your own photographic typeface, client album cover, and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or Your Money Back.
with Judy Host
Creative Design

This hands-on workshop teaches attendees how to create photographic masterpieces using Adobe Photoshop and elements from Graphic Authority’s design collections. Judy will introduce the class to Photoshop design fundamentals such as layers, layer masks, blending modes, layer styles, opacity, brushes, and free transform. Judy will then give an overview of all the tools she uses to design her own award-winning images, such as clipping masks, vector art, overlays, textures, borders and more!

Judy will provide her class with USB drives containing a digital workbook that they will complete together. The workbook covers  6 different project that cover all the design principles necessary for creating digital fine art. In the final project, students will use their own photographs to make their own creative design.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or Your Money Back.
Creative design workshop schedule
daytime with Matt Nystrom 9am-4pm
    • How does design apply to photography
    • universal principles
    • composition
    • photo illustration
    • new services for clients
  • DESIGNING 101 (Elements and Principles)
    • Learn how to use the 6 Fundamental Design Elements for Stronger Photography.
    • (line, shape, space, texture, colour, value)

    • Learn how to apply design principles to your work.
    • Deciding which elements to use together in your composition
    • (contrast, balance, scale, emphasis, rythem, unity, movement, variety

    • ractice putting these elements to work. Bring your laptop and imagination as your class learns live design challenges.
    • Learn the fundamentals to make good type/font choices.
    • Anatomy of type
    • Terminology ( fonts, letter-spacing, kerning, x-height, line height, leading, base-line ...)
    • Introducing type to your photography. It all starts with the type

    • Make your own typeface
    • bring your cameras and create your own typeface with photographs. (Use your imagination - Examples and props will be provided)
    • Using your photography we will be creating a variety of practical design pieces
    • as a class you will choose from a flexible list including
    • album cover
    • posters
    • invitations/memos
    • menus
    • and anything else you can think of.
    • I am putting this in the couse curriculum because dodgeball is awesome, and though the produces will probably remove it I needed a back-up plan incase you get tired of hearing my voice. For those of you who would rather participate in less physical activity I will be providing a variety of board games, yoga mats, and the complete john tesh collection to relax and find your inner chi. Hope to see you there.
daytime with Judy Host 5pm-9pm

The Creative Design Program is about introducing to the audience to an overview of how to work creatively using graphics and textures and vector art to enhance your imagery and help to define a new style for you and your clients. Through the use of several different projects, Judy will take you through her workflow, step by step. This is a hands on seminar and images and graphics will be given to you to work on.

Processes will include:
  • 1.
    Setting up your workspace to maximize the ease of working in Photoshop.
  • a.
    Setting up Bridge to view images and templates
  • b.
    Setting up Preferences to include default for CS5 to open all files types
  • c.
    Understanding ACR, (Abode Camera Raw) and how to process your images nondestructively.
  • d.
    Designating which components of PhotoShop to use: History, Layers, and Adjustments
  • e.
    Working in Layers
  • f.
    Working with Blending Modes
  • g.
    Changing the color of your layers
  • h.
    Understanding the importance of using Free Transform
  • i.
    Drop and Drag concept
  • j.
    Photoshop short cuts
  • k.
    Clipping Masks & Edges
  • 2.
    Creating beautiful Masterpiece Images
  • l.
    Organizing your templates for viewing
  • m.
    Selecting which templates to use
  • n.
    Blending templates together to get unique results
  • o.
    Using the same template several different ways
  • p.
    Using single templates
  • q.
    Preparing the finished image for Canvas Wraps
  • r.
    Viewing Samples, Before & After Images
  • s.
    Several Projects combining all aspects of the creative process