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The Creative Design Tour is an all-day free workshop that teaches you to differentiate yourself in an increasingly saturated industry by learning the theoretical principles of design and how to utilize them Photoshop.  Successful photographers run all-inclusive design centers that use photos as the foundation for a variety of well-designed products.  By understanding and using the fundamental design elements of line, shape, space, texture, color, and value, you can increase the appeal of your brand and your photo products.   This two-part learning experience also covers aesthetics, typography, product development, and how to create personalized photographic art for your clients with edges, textures, borders, backgrounds, brushes, overlays, and scripts.

Don’t settle for a class where all you do is watch the instructor demonstrate Photoshop as you fall asleep in your seat. This hands-on experience teaches by doing: bring your laptop and complete projects alongside your instructors Judy Host and Matt Nystrom.